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May 22 2016


Penbury Ceramics - A leading UK wholesale tiles supplier

Floor tiles
Penbury Ceramics is a leading wholesale tiles supplier to trade and retail. Services include sales of ceramic / porcelain floor and wall tiles by container or pallet, end-customer fulfilment and customised production.

bathroom tiles
Part of the Penbury Group, a Global Trading and Investment Company, Penbury Ceramics capitalises on Penbury Group�s large purchasing power and strong trade relationships across the world. This relationship allows Penbury Ceramics to source ceramic tiles in a high quality and lower cost point in comparison to others in the market.

Penbury Ceramics invests heavily within the research and development of ceramic tiles in a bid to remain the main point on the industry. Its team works closely with factories across the World to develop innovative designed ceramic tiles in the highest quality and standards for distribution through the UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands.

Penbury Ceramics is involved with all areas of the tile product lifecycle, from securing quality input materials, development of designs, packaging, foreign exchange management, financing, storage, distribution and marketing. They've successfully established trading relationships with 1000s of industry counterparts throughout the world.

Penbury Group continues to forge relationships with new factories, producers, agents, distributors and retailers globally, therefore please refer to them as for further information: ceramics@penbury.com or visit http://ceramics.penbury.com.

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